Yellow Oleander Tree Diseases

Combatting Yellow Oleander Tree Diseases in Arizona

Oleander Diseases in Mesa, AZ 

  Oleander Leaf Scorch: This is the most serious threat, a bacterial disease causing yellowing leaves, dieback, and eventual plant death. 

 Botryosphaeria Dieback: A fungal disease causing branch cankers, wilting, and dieback.

Crown Gall: A bacterial disease forming tumor-like growths at the base of the plant or on roots. 

 Solutions Prevention:  

Choose disease-resistant cultivars. 

 Plant in well-draining soil with good air circulation. 

 Avoid overhead watering. 

 Prune out infected areas promptly and sterilize tools between cuts. 

 Management (for Leaf Scorch, Dieback): 

  Remove and destroy heavily infected plants. 

 Prune out infected branches well below the diseased area. 

  Disinfect pruning tools with bleach solution between cuts. There are NO effective chemical controls for these diseases. 

 Local Resources 

 Finding an expert is crucial, as incorrect treatment can worsen the issue. Here’s how to find help: 

 Warners Tree Surgery: Contact them for a consultation. ( Or (

 University of Arizona Cooperative Extension (Maricopa County): They provide science-based information and may have recommendations for Tree Disease Expert specializing in oleanders. (

 Important Notes 

 Oleander Leaf Scorch has no cure. Prevention and early intervention are key. Always get a diagnosis from a Tree Disease Professional before drastic actions. 

 * Warners Tree Surgery is a Mesa, Arizona (Based) “Family Business”. Our Tree Disease Expert, Warner, is available to help you with your Sick Trees if you live within a 30-mile radius of Mesa. Warner Working, Our Tree Doctor, cares for Many Different Species of Trees in and around the cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Sun Lakes, and Scottsdale. If You are in need of a Tree Disease Professional with Over 50 Years of Knowledge and Experience, then Call “Warners Tree Surgery”. Our Number Is: (480) 969-8808 For More Information/Videos Visit Our Websites Or #leaveslookbadonbranches #treeslooksick 

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